West meets East: Born in Slovakia, based in Amsterdam. Driven by the purpose of making the best of ourselves and the environments we are in. We have over 20 years of business experience combined and know what it takes to transform organizations from their core: starting with the strategy, through finance & risk management, people and complex operations. We are not just another consultancy – we are bridging the worlds of business and sustainability, we make it real and authentic for your organisation.


Sustainable future is the only future. Andrea sees sustainability as a value that has to be at the core of everything we do, Circular Economy being the driver. Consultant with 10+ years of experience combining Risk Management, Strategy and Change Management cross-industry, both for the commercial sector and not-for-profit organizations internationally.  She has led insights into the sustainability strategies of leading companies, engagement projects and acted as a trainer on various topics. Her specialties include sustainability, strategy, change management and public speaking. 


The ultimate business no non-sense. Eva has lead teams and transformation projects in the areas of strategy, finance, digitalisation, sustainability and corporate culture. From start-ups to internationals, profit to non-profit. Faced with the urgency of the social & environmental questions, she has dedicated her experience to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world - people, planet & profit. Eva's mantra is to have a positive impact through every human interaction and create a global change through accelerating the shift to circular economy. She is a creative strategist, people-person, nature & sport lover, and truly passionate about everything she does. She loves to spread the message through blogs, publications, lectures and public speaking.