Helping organizations with transition to Circular Economy

From strategy to practical solutions and implementation: making your business more resilient, innovative and economically viable



We combine background in strategy, finance, risk, digitalisation and sustainability to connect 'doing business' and 'doing good'. Whether it is redesigning your strategy, defining employee and engagement programs, utilising technology, connecting the private and public sectors, or advising circular start-ups on their business propositions, we are committed to delivering tangible results and measurable change.


We guide you in integrating your sustainability vision into the core of your business strategy, assist you in defining your ambition, your priorities, and activities to get there. We help you to define your business value proposition and work with you to identify the risks & opportunities.

Strategy workshops & assessments

Sustainability & innovation strategy

Finance & risk management


We support you in redefining the existing business model towards more circular and sustainable, aligning it to fit the overall strategy. We  guide you in the transformation of your revenue model, operations and other key activities of your business.

Business model assessment

Circular product development

Business case & funding


We help you to embed sustainability and circular economy within your organization with the help of trainings, workshops and engagement activities targeted to different roles. We assist you in change management and getting employees on board with your new strategy.

Trainings & workshops

Engagement & leadership programs

Public speaking & presentations