Helping organizations with transition to Circular Economy

From strategy to practical solutions and implementation: making your business more resilient, innovative and economically viable



We combine background in strategy, finance, risk, digitalisation and sustainability to connect 'doing business' and 'doing good'. Whether it is redesigning your strategy, defining employee and engagement programs, utilising technology, connecting the private and public sectors, or advising circular start-ups on their business propositions, we are committed to delivering tangible results and measurable change.


Project and programs are an effective tool to make your strategy pragmatic and to achieve the benefits deified from business model review. We will help you to set up the of transformation programs and work together with your team to execute them We advise on change management and effective strategies to bring people on board

Reflect the strategy


  • Identification of suitable programs and projects to enable the change towards circularity
  • Prioritization, outline and design of the programs for sustainability
  • Set-up and operation of circular incubators & accelerators


Clarify way forward


  • Creating planning with clear timelines, risks & opportunities, assumptions and dependencies
  • Definition of responsibilities and set up of RACI
  • Change management and overall coordination
  • Templates design


Ensure implementation


  • Leading the programs execution
  • Coaching and supporting your teams on execution
  • Change management and overall coordination
  • Benefits roadmap realization
  • Reporting set up

Measure the progress


  • Assessment of ongoing programs
  • Set up monitoring tools
  • Program monitoring and adjustment based on the findings

Identify the first adopters


  • Creating engagement plan across organization, functions and roles
  • Identifying ambassadors from within the organisation and establishing a champion network
  • Tailored messaging & communication
  • Motivation to action
  • Change management

Practical engagement


  • Leadership vision for circular economy
  • Leadership trainings and awareness sessions
  • Empowering change makers with tools & methodologies for circular economy

Increase the understanding


  • Identification of relevant topics and best practices
  • Training design & execution including practical cases and gamification
  • Workshops set-up & delivery


Walk the talk


  • Public speaking
  • Moderating & hosting
  • Event programming
  • Stakeholder management


Sustainability has become a critical business topic. 65% of executives state that sustainability is on their top management agenda, up from just 46% in 2010. Winning organizations are moving from ’the bare minimum & transparency approach’ to embedding sustainability into their DNA – starting with strategy & goal setting - to drive growth, increase resource efficiency and stakeholder engagement.

We guide you in defining your business opportunities and integrating your sustainability vision into the core of your business strategy. We help you to define your value proposition, financing and help you to identify the risks & opportunities – largely leveraging on innovation and digital transformation

Start with the goal in mind


  • Strategy workshops, assessments & roadmaps
  • Definition of sustainability and/or circular vison and embedding it into the overall strategy
  • Sustainability and circular KPI’s linked to the key performance goals
  • Research
  • Circular branding

Identify the essentials


  • Sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Value proposition
  • Sustainability finance
  • Funding for circular initiatives
  • Investor communication

Utilize the NEW


  • Innovation strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Levering innovation to boost transformation to circular business
  • Development and execution of design sprints
  • AI & Blockchain for circular


Make it tangible


  • Benefit identification based on the sustainability initiatives
  • Setting the benefits realization map



Leveraging on the strengths of your existing business model, we help you to become more circular and financially sustainable. We help you to transform your entire business model: from value proposition, financing, to operations. We find opportunities in the existing supply chains, identify circular ecosystems and partnerships.

We will assess your processes to identify adjustments and possible efficiencies – including the supply chain, procurement and distribution channels.

We will review existing products and services portfolio and evaluate their fit for circularity. We will work closely with your teams to identify new products and services that will enable your participation on and benefiting from circular economy.

Define the opportunities


  • Assessment of the current business model
  • Identification of the strengths to build on and areas for improvement
  • Identification of the opportunities to pursue
  • Prioritization of the areas for execution
  • Transformation planning and execution

Improve the process


  • Review of the current processes within selected areas
  • Design of adjusted and new design flows
  • Team brainstorm sessions to identify and mitigate the bottlenecks

Adjust the offering


  • Review of the current offering portfolio
  • Identification of improvements
  • Outline and design of new products and services
  • Redefinition of material supply chains
  • Design sprint workshops
  • Design thinking workshops

Learn from the best


  • Research of the market leaders and identification of the best practices
  • Thought leadership
  • Potential partnerships